Graphic designer and photographer. He studied at "Escuela Massana de Barcelona". He owns more than a hundred awards in diverse photography contests. He has realized individual photography exhibitions, as well as collectives in different art galleries inside the Iberic Peninsula and abroad. He is the creator mind of publications like "La Fotografia" and "La Cortinilla", where performed as Artist Director. His images are the soul reflection from his creative mind and remind us the importance given to the esthetic values of the art.

The visual impact of his work offers to the spectator a broad panorama of suggestions, placed in a way to involve his public emotionally through the sensations perceived.

His perfectionist technique, place in evidence the ability to apply his own systems and concepts into the graphic design. It is because all of this that we can define to Diego Pedra as a spectacular and modern artist whose personality emerges in a clean and eloquently way through his art work.

Salvador Obiols

His career gave a important twist in 1984, when Diego Pedra give a step forward to a well know world of young talents in Spain. The group formed by artists of ‘10x4 photography’ became the instrument through which he could expand the horizon of his work. Such association allowed the artists to compose and organize collective expositions, with a young talent in their own vision. It works as the launching platform to confirm his recognition within Spain and Europe.

Diego reinforced his career in the arts by other means as well. By 1986 he created the photography magazine called “La Cortinilla”. The magazine was launched as a monthly publication in Spain. The subjects that contained where exclusively focused on amateur photography. After two years of continuous publication it had to stop its distribution due to financial reasons. The next publication created by him was “La Fotografia” (The Photography). The magazine is still being published after 20 years since its conception. Despite the existence of the magazine was strongly associated with him at the beginning, he had to abandon the project after 10 years of work due to differences of criteria with the new editorial. His duty in the magazine was as the Artistic Director at the Redaction Counseling.

Along all these years, besides working in his own exhibitions, Diego worked as judge at innumerable kinds of photography contests. Diego proofed himself as a multifaceted artist, not only presenting his work, but besides, talking about it to the masses. Conferences and demonstrations were held in the past ten years with the purpose of presenting the world seeing through his eyes. Actually, he keeps experimenting with the lighting in his works, either by direct shots or his own digital creation. His most recent collection has the singularity of being the first of its class in Diego’s work history using digital photography. He is currently discovering new methods through digital cameras to express his art.